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jesus christ

Was a really freaky game! Ina  good way.

No clue how you got the photos for the large painting in the game, but it was really well done. The first photo (also the one used for the promotional art) is a good foreshadowing of the premise of the game. The way the character was situated on the bed and the whole game is based on clicks and reading what happens in between was really well done and a great mechanic. The way the photo changed each time when the player blinked was a really well done part too (I know I said it, but it was really well done so said it again.) 

The simplicity of the game and the way it uses that to effectively bring out the story and also the atmosphere though there is nothing much around is amazing. 

Really well done on the game and only wished for me. Great job and good luck on future games!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! 

A short, yet rather strange game. Super simple but original, I like it! :)


Thank you for playing it! 

short but awesome experience!

SPOOKY!! I played it in a game jam highlights video today! 

Love the game.... Starts at 14:20.

Thank you for your video! 

This was really good! The ending with the knife really made me squirm (imagining the feeling is so...eugh...). It's so cool how you made such a scary experience that lasts just a few minutes, but just as scary as long games! It's the first game in my video if you want to see :)

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Thank you! I really appreciate the video😊

Interesting game. I was wondering, who again is a guy on painting? he looks familiar. btw you made a good game. I hope to see more from you in the future. keep up good work :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


Thank you a lot! The guy in the painting is Dali, a famous Spanish painter and surreal artist :).

Nice Game

that was nice quick game

love it, it's a great concept


oh my goodness that was so creepy!! I loved the concept

Thank you very much, glad you liked it!

This was cool. I hate eyeball stuff lol.

TY!  :)

Ugh, that knife, nope nope nope. Really liked the use of the moving fingers/knife versus the flat background, when the knife lined up in my vision I pressed space as quick as possible because I didn't want to see it moving closer and cutting in.  

What was the Resonance Audio Plugin going to be used for?

Resonance Audio is used to simulate 3D audio. Your ears and head act as deflectors of sounds coming in. Depending on where sound comes from, your head distorts it differently (that's how we understand sound directionality with our stereo ears!). Resonance Sound simulates the distorsión of sound in Unity, making it much more immersive and realistic. 

About the knife, it took some playtesting to realized that some people wouldn't wait till the knife finished its animation😅, so I'm happy I fix the error that created on time. 

Glad you liked it! 

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God the eyes! Not just those eyes, but the red eyes at the end. You don't want me to sleep do you? D:

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This is so cooool! Hope you enjoyed it :))

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It did scare me tonight!

Thank you!

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Hey, I checked out resonance unity demo after this. Pretty cool! Any chance you still have that codebase and would publish a win32 or win64 version for us to check out?

PS: looking at their github, it looks like it's still maintained

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Hello! I still have the whole thing (as apparently once you install Resonance Audio you cannot uninstall it from the unity project without doing some complicated stuff out of my coding reach). I'll try to fix it and publish it (both the resonance thing and the rain particles and ending cinematic which for some reason stopped working).